bfilter-1.0 release

Posted on July 12, 2016

I’m excited to announce my first release of bfilter. You can download the packaged bfilter release, or clone the bfilter git repo at GitLab or the bfilter git repo at GitHub.

bfilter has changed in almost every way from the last release, which was bfilter-0.3 by Oggie sometime around 2003. For example, the underlying database is entirely incompatible, as is the command line interface. So I felt I should increment the major version number. That brings us to bfilter-1.0 which sounds very grown up. I’m not sure the software quite deserves to be a 1.0 release, although I am using it on my live mail system. So far, it has not burned down my entire mail spool, nor incited nasal demons.

It goes almost without saying that this release is dedicated to Chris Lightfoot, 1978 - 2007, aka Oggie. I only met him the once, which must have been around 2005. At that time I had no idea that he ran a splendid hosting company, and even less idea that I would end up working for them.