System Administration

Posted on September 4, 2015

All my projects are way too sprawly at the moment. (I saw a suggestion the other day to use index cards to organize projects. I might even try that at some point.)

Anyway, I really want to get back to flare next. One snag I’ve found is that, since it’s my actual mail server, I’m terrified to change anything, in case I break my mail. Obviously I need some level of test server.

One option is to have a completely separate server. Makes it easy to bind port 25, but otherwise is lots of work for a solution that doesn’t really help much.

The other option is to make everything configurable. That includes:

Then I can run an entirely separate server on the same box. (Here’s a wacky idea: bind the test server to an IPv6 address, and use Mythic fallback MX to get mail from the IPv4 internet.)

So I’m leaning towards the second idea. It would be good to have all this stuff configurable anyway, and it’s more programming and less sysadmin, which can only be good. Task ahead then, is to tweak the new yesod-1.4 based flare till I can run it up on lithium independently of the mail system that’s running there. (Not too worried about stored at this point.)