Significant dates 2014

Posted on February 11, 2015

Last year, I got a yearly wall planner, and marked each day that I did some work on flare (or associated projects) with a large X. (This is the rather well-known Seinfeld technique). I missed a block of 15 days early in the year due to an appendectomy, and another block in the Summer due to moving house. The latter shows up as about 4 weeks, but in fact it was less than that: I got coding again long before I found the wall chart!

Apart from that, I only missed about 2 odd days in the whole year. I can thoroughly recommend the technique. Although some days I was only able to find the time or energy to spend 5 or 10 minutes on the project, that is so much better than nothing. The progress I made over a year is really quite impressive.

I don’t know if I shall be using the wall planner again in 2015. My 2014 planner ran up till the end of January, and that’s when my son was born, which changes things rather drastically!

I also marked on the wall chart significant milestones. Before I throw the wall chart away, I wanted to copy those milestones here.


First message


First SMTP


First domain




Main switch




Perl fetch_mref


mutt mref

What does it all mean? Some of it now eludes me, but I do recall that main switch was when I began using flare for the majority of my personal email.