Posted on November 24, 2014

After a lot of effort, I have managed to implement a version of the users configuration page. There are some nice aspects to it, for example updating the display name simply by clicking it (I’m not going to make anyone double click!) I stuck with using a modal for setting the password. The Yesod version has a modal for each row in the table; with Ember, it was possible to use a single one. (Of course, that would have been possible in Yesod with a bit of JavaScript.)

Although I’m not doing much with it yet, the new page is more general than the yesod version, and uses ?customer=3 to filter the records.

The one thing that isn’t working right is creating a new record. It creates it just fine, but doesn’t display it. I don’t know how to tell Ember that the new record would be matched by the filter, and it doesn’t seem to work it out for itself. I’ve already spent quite a while on this, and not made any progress, so I’ll press on with another page, keep reading, and see if I can work it out later.