Source-MRef: header

Posted on October 13, 2014

I have now replaced (Perl) fetch-mref with (C) mref-fetch, and it’s working fine, at least for this very sheltered environment. The one feature definitely missing from libmref that is present in the Perl prototype is detecting a Source-MRef: header.

However, what is the point of detecting it? Currently, if there’s an MRef: header present, we endeavour to fetch it, otherwise we don’t. Multiplying entities just gives us a confusing grid of possibilities:

.              /- Source-MRef present
               |   /- Source-MRef absent
MRef present | ? | F |
MRef absent  | - | - |

The only new case is where both headers are present, and it’s not at all clear what to do in that case anyway. If a caller has an idea about that, it can test for Source-MRef: itself. (Possibly I should write a generic find-header function, but then I could write a whole library of STD 11 utilities… surely there must be such a thing already?)

  1. Pass through the code once more, taking particular care of error conditions.
  2. Update mutt to use libmref directly. (Eek! mutt lives in CVS. There’s a wiki page for patches.)
  3. Get back to working on flare and ember…